Scientific Inculcation Institution "Intermag" (until 1995 - "Kiev-Intermag") has been founded in 1991. The main fields of the Intermag activity are research, development, and implementation of new physical-technical methods and tools to advance modern medical technologies.
The activity topics are:
magnetic resonance methods aided for medical diagnostics purposes;
laser mass-spectrometry systems and methods for element and isotop analysis;
computer medical images processing;
expert systems for ultrasound diagnostics of thyroid gland diseases;
MR spinal and head brain diagnostics;
expert diagnostics and surgical operation computer planning systems;
technologies and systems of less invasive surgery of human brain (including laser means);
specialized software;
software for education and training purposes.
Institution consists of the following divisions:
scientific division;
diagnostic centre;
telemedicine division.
SII "Intermag" actively collaborates with the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University in the fields of scientific research and education, with the Neurosurgery Institute of the Medical Sciences Academy of Ukraine, and with the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Radiation Medicine in the fields of research, development, and inculcation of new medical technologies, etc.
[NEW]Our cooperating partner in Western Europe: MarCotech (Muenster, Germany). The cooperation is targeted to the following items.
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